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Dynamics of students’ physical development indicators in the course of Nordic walking classes


We discuss the use of Nordic walking as a health technology in physical education classes at the university. Students who have abnormalities in their health and are medically assigned to special and preparatory medical groups were engaged in Nordic walking during the fall semester. Before the start of classes, students’ level of physical development was determined using functional diagnostics methods based on the following indicators: Brock index, Quetelet index, body mass index, Stange test, Genchi test, Romberg test. At the end of the semester, these tests were repeated. Analysis of the results obtained using mathematical statistics methods revealed positive dynamics of changes in the indicators above. The data obtained testified that Nordic walking classes, used in training sessions with students in the disciplines “Physical Education and Sports” for the 1st year and “Elective Courses in physical Education and Sports” for the 2nd year, have a positive effect on the level of physical development. These data confirm the data of scientific literature about the health-improving effect of Nordic walking and the possibility of its use in educational institutions of higher professional education.


students; Nordic walking; physical development; training sessions

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Section of issue

Theory and methods of physical training teaching

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