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Problems of post-war peasant migration in the acts on the arrival of resettlement echelons in the Kaliningrad Region


The relevance of the research is determined by the necessity for study of the set of documents related to the migration of the rural population in the Soviet country after the World War II. The movement of the Soviet peasantry was an important part of the resettlement process on a national scale. An array of primary data from the echelon lists of migrants stored in a number of regional archives has not yet been introduced into scientific circulation. It is in them that information is concentrated on the composition of the migrant’s families, their nationality, education, profession, labor activity, property and places of exit, up to village councils. We analyze the content of acts on the arrival of migrants to the Kaliningrad Region. Its agricultural workforce was formed primarily through migration organized by the authorities. The materials of the acts reflect important aspects of the organization and conditions of the controlled movement of the peasantry across the Soviet Union. Acts on the acceptance of resettlement echelons, along with statistical sources, memoirs and administrative and managerial documentation, allow you to reconstruct an objective picture of the Soviet resettlement campaign in the post-war period.


history of the USSR; Kaliningrad Region; source study; migration; echelon lists; database; migrants; document circulation

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1. Moiseyenko V. Evolyutsiya istochnikov dannykh o vnutrenney migratsii v Rossii i SSSR [Evolution of data sources on internal migration in Russia and the USSR]. Migratsiya i informatsiya [Migration and Information]. Moscow, 2000, pp. 122-137. (In Russian). 2. Zima V.F. Golod v SSSR 1946–1947 godov: Proiskhozhdeniye i posledstviya [Famine in the USSR 1946–1947: Origin and Consequences]. Moscow, 1996. (In Russian). 3. Shemyrova S.K. Sistema prodovol’stvennogo obespecheniya gorodskogo naseleniya v poslevoyennyye gody (na materialakh goroda Kuybysheva) [System of urban population food provision in the post-war years (on the materials of Kuibyshev)]. Izvestiya Samarskogo nauchnogo tsentra Rossiyskoy akademii nauk – Izvestia of Samara Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2009, vol. 11, no. 6, pp. 171-174. (In Russian). 4. Kostyashov Y.V. Sekretnaya istoriya Kaliningradskoy oblasti. Ocherki 1945–1956 gg. [The Secret History of the Kaliningrad Region. Essays 1945–1956]. Kaliningrad, 2009. (In Russian).



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National history

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