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The problem of teaching communicative tactics in English-language pro-fessional discourse


The work discusses the problem of teaching students of civil engineering departments English-language civil engineering discourse, in particular, communicative tactics of this type of discourse. We substantiate the need to form students’ skills in using the communicative tactics applied in civil engineering discourse in professional communication. We give an overview of communicative tactics of written discourse used by the authors of English-language documentation in civil engineering professional field. The purpose of the study is to determine the level of students’ skills in using communicative tactics in a foreign language professional written speech. Theoretical and practical research showed that in a modern technical university, insufficient attention is paid to teaching students this component of professional discourse. At the same time, the level of students’ skills to use communicative tactics in professional communication is quite low, which led us to the conclusion that it is of paramount importance to include this component in the program of teaching a foreign language in a professional field. The results of the will serve as the basis for the development of a methodic model of teaching civil engineering students the communicative tactics of professional civil engineering discourse.


civil engineering discourse; communication strategies; communication tactics; English for specific purposes; foreign language communicative competence; foreign language professional communication

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Theory and methods of foreign language teaching

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