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Methodic features of overcoming overtraining during physical education and sports in sports groups of the Institute of Law and National Security


At present, health preservation, physical education and sports are an important area of activity for an individual and an active participant in numerous positive social processes. You can go in for sports and physical education both individually and in special groups (fitness groups), on public areas (gyms, fitness centers, special facilities, etc.), and on individually organized areas (home exercise equipment, home gyms, playgrounds, etc.). At the Institute of Law and National Security of Derzhavin Tambov State University, since September 2018 a group of “fitness and applied physical training” has been functioning. The peculiarity of this study is that it reflects the specificity of physical training of students and the variety of forms and technologies used in the work of teachers. As part of the classes, students master various elements of many health technologies: crossfit, stretching, cycle, Pilates, tabata training, callanetics, kettlebell lifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting. The ability to properly organize the training process, rationally alternate between rest time and training time is one of the main conditions for achieving effective training results and avoiding the state of overtraining. In the work, the main methodic techniques and recommendations for getting out of the state of overtraining are analyzed.


overtraining; overfatigue; physical training of students; wellness technologies

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Section of issue

Theory and methods of physical training teaching

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