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Features of the development of a professional singing sound of pop-jazz performers in the process of teaching performance skills


The urgency of vocational training for pop-jazz musicians is substantiated. The aim of the study is to determine the necessary components in the work on professional sound production in the process of teaching pop-jazz vocal, as well as to demonstrate some ways to increase the efficiency of work on sound in the classroom. The issues of the development of a professional singing voice in the process of teaching pop-jazz performance are considered. The research methods included: study of special literature, analysis and generalization of research and pedagogical expe-rience of the work of leading specialists in the field of music education and performance. The high degree of influence of the level of professional training of performers-vocalists on the national musical culture is proved. Practical recommendations for work on singing sound production in the process of professional training of pop-jazz singers in modern music educational institutions are presented.


variety art; musical art; pop and jazz music; pop and jazz singer; teacher

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Theory and methods of social and cultural activity organization

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