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Theoretical foundations of teaching children to read


The work reflects the historical and theoretical aspect of the method of teaching reading in Russia: three stages of development of methodic science in this direction are described. A comparative analysis of the definitions of the concept “reading” in different sources of knowledge is carried out, and the methodic phenomenon of reading is described. The psychological-pedagogical and reference materials used in the work reveal both achievements in the methods of teaching children to read, and problematic issues. In particular, the issue of the objectives in the teaching reading, determined by the age peculiarities of the participants in the process, drawing on the works of psychologists and supervisors a difference is read as the physiological actions and how speech activities, are called classical and alternative methods of learning to read and other. We come to conclusions about the possibility of learning to read in preschool age, since theoretical and empirical prerequisites are created, and practical methods of teaching children to read are developed. A hypothesis is put forward about the need for individualization of training and the creation of a scientifically based technology of the process.


teaching reading; preschool and primary school students; history and theory of the method

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Pedagogy of preschool and school education

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