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Development of communicative competence of high school students in the system of supplementary education


We describe communicative competence as one of the key competencies of modern high school students, which is a resource for effective future professional realization. The research revealed the content of communicative competence, which is determined by more complex communication processes and network interactions. The stages, components and conditions for the development of communicative competence are identified, the levels of development are determined, psychological and pedagogical techniques and technologies for the development of communicative competence are proposed, and a supplementary general educational and developmental program of a socio-pedagogical direction “School of Successful Communication” is developed. The results of the research can be used to organize the development of communicative competence in the system of supplementary education. The main feature of the program is its variability and possibility of realization in both full-time and distance format.


communicative competence, development of communicative competence, system of supplementary education

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Pedagogy of school education

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