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The Revolution of 1917 and the Civil War in the Tambov region: state and research prospects. Part 1. On the problems of conceptualization, methodology and methods of studying the history of the Civil War in the Tambov Governorate


The first part of this study examines the evolution and the current state of conceptualization and historiography of the “Antonovschina”, identifies the factors of the newest methodological and cognitive crisis in the study of the Civil War in Russia as a whole and its individual key, significant phenomena. In the second part of the study, proceeding from the principle of historicism, we propose our own conceptualization of the Civil War and the Tambov peasant uprisings as its “green” components, proceeding from the understanding of social history as a movement of a socio-natural hierarchical system that regulated the life of populations of any level. Civil War is presented as a rhythmic part of the phase of suppression of an overpopulated population by a complex of endogenous and exogenous factors of long (28-year, 112-year) natural-demographic cycles. The definitions of specific phenomena (“female attacks”, “demographic bag”, “Kotovsk case”, etc.), opened with the help of electronic databases (ED) in long continuous lines of sociographic information, are given. A method of marking the cyclic movement of different forms and channels of social aggression (activity) is proposed. The mechanism and manifestations of the work of the regulating socio-natural cycles are shown in tables and figures.


historicism, conceptualization, socio-natural hierarchy, natural-demographic cycles, social aggression, peasant anti-state protest, electronic database

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