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Historical and criminological analysis of official crime among the personnel of the NKVD in 1941–1945 (based on the materials of the Far Eastern region)


On the basis of documentary sources, most of which are being introduced into scientific circulation for the first time, the problem of the commission of malfeasance by officers of the NKVD of the Far East in the period 1941–1945 is analyzed. The relevance and practical significance of the study is due to the valuable historical experience that was gained by the law enforcement system of the state in the emergency conditions of wartime, including in the field of ensuring discipline and legality. The conclusion is substantiated that among the causes and conditions of official criminality in the NKVD bodies during the war years, the shortage of high-quality personnel and the growing deterioration of the material situation of personnel, together with shortcomings in the systems of professional training, educational work and ensuring their own security, were of decisive importance. Among the criminological features of official criminality of this period, the following are noted: an increase in the number of crimes related to the illegal release of citizens from military service and other restrictions and obligations imposed by law; the specificity of the subject of criminal encroachments; high latency.


Far East, NKVD bodies, the Great Patriotic War, official crime, personnel policy, ensuring the rule of law

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