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Model of teaching the stylistic aspect of foreign language communication in the process of secondary general education


This study is devoted to the development of a model of teaching the stylistic aspect of foreign language communication in the process of secondary general education. The results of theoretical research and accumulated experience show that the stylistic aspect of foreign language communication plays a huge role in foreign language education at high school. However, students experience difficulties in applying stylistic techniques and tropes, which leads to a decrease in the quality of foreign language communication. This fact indicates the relevance of this study. The theoretical significance of the work lies in the development of the main theoretical approaches and principles that ensure the effectiveness of the proposed model implementation. The leading approaches are highlighted such as personal-activity, communicative, communicative-cognitive, socio-cultural and integrative. The main principles are the principle of scientific character, the principle of accessibility and feasibility, the principle of connection between theory and practice, the principle of systematicity and consistency, the principle of visibility, the principle of conscious and active participation. This study proposes a model of teaching the stylistic aspect of foreign language communication in the process of secondary general education based on a comparative analysis of stylistic means and functions in the native and foreign languages. The obtained results of the work can be used in the process of developing curricula and creating manuals for high school students.


stylistics, foreign language, senior classes, model, principles, stages

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Theory and methods of foreign language teaching in secondary general school

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