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Development of communicative competence in language teaching of a future profession


We consider the methods of teaching professional communication in the field of medicine at the lessons of Russian as a foreign language. The stages of work with professionally directed material in the aspect of speech competence are presented. The description of listening as a productive form of language teaching from the perspective of perception and understanding of professional terminology is given. In addition, examples of assignments for all types of pre-text, text and post-text listening work are given. A generalized characteristic of teaching dialogue and monologue speech based on the material of professional medical nomenclature is given. The most productive types of tasks that ensure the development of communicative competencies of future doctors have been highlighted. The conclusion is formulated that tasks for the development of speech among foreign students should contribute to effective mental activity; activation of language guess; enrichment of passive and active vocabulary; predicting the naming ability of text and text units, key concepts of a word and main content; the development of the ability to extract the main information from the text, independently evaluate what has been read, and also improve the lexical and grammatical competencies of students. The work is addressed to lecturers of Russian as a foreign language, teachers of Russian as a foreign language in secondary schools.


teaching methods, speech activity, listening, monologue speech, dialogue speech, specialty language

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Theory and Methods of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language

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