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On some aspects of modern toponomastic terminology


The problems of modern toponymic terminology are analyzed, the difficulties caused by differences between the terminological systems of different onomastic schools, as well as the intensity and individualization of modern toponymic research in Russia, are noted. The purpose of the research is to consider the currently existing collisions in the field of toponomastic terminology with a possible attempt to resolve them. Such aspects as the belonging of toponymy to a certain scientific paradigm, euphony, synonymy, new terms, translation issues are highlighted. Methods are proposed that could make it possible to come to a certain unification of the terms used. Attempts have been made to introduce new terminological units in the field of ottoponymic derivatives, as well as the typology and classification of toponyms. It is concluded that it is necessary to generalize toponymic studies and prepare a dictionary of toponomastic terminology, including the forms of Soviet, Russian and Western scientific knowledge in toponomastics. The practical significance of the work lies in focusing the attention of specialists on certain aspects of the functioning of the modern toponomastic terminological system and in the possibility of using the proposed new terms. According to the author, the creation of a modern dictionary of toponomastic terminology would contribute to the generalization of research and the elimination of a number of terminological problems.


toponymy, toponomastics, term, translation, synonymy

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