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Associative and image interpretations of nominatives meaning nature time in poetry of Silver age


The problems of associative possibilities of expression in art discourse space are considered, connotative semantics tokens indicating the year and part of the day are analyzed; the author’s priorities of shaped copyrights and axiological interpretations of the group names are set. It is disclosed that image semantics of words called natural time in the space of poetic texts develops through personification and the trend towards the objectification of expanding and enriching in accordance with the author's intention and text systematic. Based on a series of images, associating a specific period of time with a living being endowed with active force and able to express emotions and feelings, or with the subject matter, the object of the world, there is a unique synthetic image of the time, sublogic by nature, chiseling its prototype property explicated and new properties and attributes of the object based on its systemic and non-systemic relations arising in the minds of copyright.


semantics; discourse syntagmatics; semantic valence; associative relationships; temporal words

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