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Changes of party system of FRG as prerequisites for the ideological transformation of German parties


This scientific work focuses on the analysis of changes of the party system of Germany in the context of their influence on the ideological transformation of the parties of Federal Republic of Germany. The author identifies the factors and features of changes of the party system of Germany. The transformation of the society structure reflected on the party preferences of the citizens. The biggest parties of Germany faced the necessity to update their electoral strategies. The success of some small parties showed new requests in the German society and made changes in the party system of the country. The crisis of the Free Democratic Party of Germany, which had a unique role of a universal coalition partner, changed the political situation in the country and became a herald of new coalition unions. The article deals with the results of the elections, the dynamics of the popularity and development trends of traditional and small parties of Germany. The author makes a conclusion that the electoral results were for parties of Germany a signal of need for their ideological transformation. The article shows the parties’ search of the most appropriate ideological niches.


party; party system of Germany; transformation of ideology

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Modern society and problems of globalization

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