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Distinction of anadiplosis, epanalepsis and reduplication and features of their functioning (based on French novel of 19th century)


Such stylistic devices as anadiplosis, epanalepsis and reduplication, considered by the linguists as one of meanings of the discourse expressivity are considered. The problem of their demarcation is posed because of the absence of the unified notions in the works of Russian and French linguists. The basic principles of their demarcation are considered their structure, position and semantic which are strongly related. In order to determine the features of function of these figures the research of the employment of these stylistic devices in the French novels of the 19th century by G. de Maupassant, G. Flaubert, O. de Balzac and Stendhal is conducted. Taking into account the high frequency of these means of rhythm it can be concluded that the novels of G. de Maupassant and O. de Balzac characterizes as the most rhythmic. The noun is considered as the most frequent part of speech. The disclose of function features of epanalepsis, anadiplosis and reduplication as rhythm means in works of French authors is the novelty of the research. The possibility of research results during the complex philological analysis of the text with inclusion of the elements of rhythm analysis represents the main practical importance of the research.


anadiplosis; epanalepsis; reduplication; prose rhythm; repetition

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Language. cognition. culture

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