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On logical and methodological aspects of problem of reductionism


The possibility of reduction of theoretical terms to empirical terms of science is considered; also logical grounds of reductionism and the possibility of reduction of theories are analyzed. Epistemological sense of the term elimination by reduction lies in finding nonreduced terms, i. e. those terms the absence of which makes it impossible to conclude any formulas in the theory. Reducibility criterion term coincides with the criterion implicit semantic definability. Reducibility condition of theories is their functional equivalence. These criteria are formulated for the deductive theories, but can be applied by analogy to the analysis of scientific theories. The actuality of the research of reductionism is also grounded and epistemological dualism is criticized that the Russian philosophers hold in the question of correlation of empirical and theoretical knowledge. Reductionism as a methodological orientation to the study of knowledge bases should not be identified with physicalism, nominalism or other concepts of the realm of philosophical ontology. Study of the problem of reductionism involves analysis of the logical principles of the system of knowledge.


philosophy of science; reductionism; theoretical terms; empirical terms; epistemological dualism

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Section of issue

Questions of theory and methodology

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