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Methods of Don Juan’s image creation in H.-Y. Ortayl’s novel “Night of Don Juan”


The actual problem of the modern literary interpretation of the world culture archetypical images y the material of Don Juan’s image in H.-Y. Ortayl’s novel “Night of Don Juan” is scrutinized. The Myth sources about Don Juan (the legend of the scapegrace who invited the scull to the dinner, and the legend about the dissolute Seville nobleman), the peculiarities of main hero’s image in Tirso de Molina's drama “The Seville seducer, or the Stone guest” are analyzed. The special attention is paid in the article to the interpretation of Don Juan’s image in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's opera as it served as the basis for H.-Y. Ortayl’s novel. The image of Don Juan is genetically connected with the character of the Mozart’s opera “Don Giovanni” the process of staging which is represented in the novel. The main constructive elements of image in H.-Y. Ortayl’s novel are known attributes of character: the hat with the white feathers, the sword with the refined handle inlaid with the snakes, and the ring with the image of the lion's head. These attributes belong to characters who, according to the plot, participate in the creation of Don Juan’s image: Giacomo Casanova, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Lonrenzo Da Ponte. Each of three attributes introduces at Don Juan’s image something connected with his founders: Da Ponte's words, Mozart's melody, the character trait of Casanova. Thereby Don Juan’s image in H.-Y. Ortayl's novel "Night of Don Juan" is designed on the basis of the kontamination and merging of three specified characters’ properties.


Ortayl; modern German novel; Don Juan; W.A. Mozart; L. Da Ponte; J. Casanova; opera “Don Giovanni”

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