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Mirroring theme in L. M. Leonov’s novel “Pyramid”


The detailed analysis of mirror symbolism and attributes, which were used by L.M. Leonov in his novel “The Pyramid”, is given. The interconnection between mirror reflection motif and the philosophical conception of the book (specifically – mirror image and alienation problem) is shown. This analysis is based on the text of the novel “The Pyramid”. Author makes a conclusion that mirror images were placed by L.M. Leonov perfectly in place in order to draw reader’s attention to existential aspect of characters’ lives. Thus, mirror image motif has a very important conceptual function in the novel. Using mirror symbolism L.M. Leonov puts “upside down” values system of his characters on display. This system substitutes true values with pseudo values. In a fancy world of “The Pyramid” the church is replaced by the circus, a sermon – with a show in a recreation club, angel is degraded to magician, and his divine gift is seen as a trick. Art is replaced with current politicalsituation, and living thought – with “thought certificate”. Mirror reflection motifunveils author’s existential beliefs, forms a special type of a character in the novel, pinpoints reader’s attention on alienation problem and means of dealing with this problem.


mirror reflection motive; L.M. Leonov’s novel “Pyramid”; mirror attributives; existential hero type; alienation problem

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