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Creation of Tambov Network University – necessity of “network generation”


The process of the transition of modern Russia to the information society, covering of the economy, social sphere, science, culture and orientation expressed in scientific knowledge and innovative technologies, rapid development of information and nano-bio-info-cognitive technologies, globalization in the education system is considered. In this connection it is necessary to form a new scientific paradigm and spiritual value system, adequate conditions of human life in the 21st century. The project to create a network of university with a “single campus” in Tambov region, which goal will be to prepare competitive specialists for the production and post-industrial sectors of the following tasks such as creation and implementation of joint programs of high academic and applied bachelor degree, master's degree programs; integration of universities with other organizations and enterprises; create a database of joint programs with training in foreign languages and the introduction of online courses, is offered.


information society; informatization; university with “single campus”; Tambov Network University; Board of Founders; Management Directorate

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