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System of other measures of criminal-legal character in context of effective implementation of criminal responsibility in era of financial and economic changes


Domestic system of other measures under criminal law in the context of the effective implementation of criminal responsibility, its formation, development and prospects for improvement at the present stage of fighting crime in the Russian Federation is considered. So, based on our historical and criminal law study criminal law of the Russian criminal legislation a critical analysis of the current state is provided, proposals for their optimization in the context of improving the efficiency of criminal responsibility as a whole and its individual forms and their species are made. The article points out that many aspects of its implementation, maintenance, assignment of certain types of this form and the subsequent efficiency do not have the necessary unification of application, and (or) a uniform interpretation in domestic criminal law doctrine. The author also notes the lack of clarity on the issue of the legal basis, the performance criteria forms and types of criminal responsibility, the directions of their further improvement of legislation that affects the overall crime situation in the Russian Federation. Based on the research of the current norms of the General Part of the Criminal Code regulating the penal consequences for the perpetrators who committed socially dangerous acts the author analyzed the base and its formation mechanism of legal regulation, the interaction of criminal legal relations and criminal liability in the mechanism legal regulation. The article studied the implementation of other measures of criminal law, the effectiveness of their individual species, optimization of the structure and content of the legislative direction of perfection in order to prevent certain crimes and crime in general. The author makes a reasonable offer OTE qualitatively legislator project criminal law (Federal Law on Amendments and Additions to the Criminal Code) with respect to other measures of criminal law, their foundation, implementation, and effectiveness. Based on the existing discrepancies in interpretation when determining the basis of other measures under the criminal law, as well as the lack of necessary for actual solutions to these problems and it is an optimal realization of unification in the effective application of the criminal law, the legislator must be properly legally consolidate this fundamental concept in their content Criminal Code.


types of penalties; fine; forced labor; correctional works; effectiveness of implementation of forms of criminal responsibility; other measures of criminal law; criminal liability; Criminal Code of Russian Federation; questions of criminal-legal theory; effective legal applied practice; compulsory educational measures; compulsory medical measures

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