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Philosophy of life and ethno-cultural motives in story “Esir” by Velimir Chlebnikov


The ethnic and cultural motifs reflected in a story “Esir” by Velimir Chlebnikov in the context of the author’s religious and philosophical views, where the author took a new perspective on the nature of the Asian outskirts of Russia, Muslim and Buddhist East, is considered. The problem of the story is disclosed: the most important one is the theme of international relations that has remained relevant. The history of humanity, culture and language of the peoples, mythology and folklore become a source of inspiration for Khlebnikov as a writer. That leads to numerous historical allusions that help the writer to push the time and space boundaries of the narration. The paper traces the nature philosophy ideas of the author who was interested in environmental issues, wise managing of the Earth by people, protection of nature and environment; observes the female characters used by the author to accentuate the national diversity of the East and the West. It is noted that the author’s interest in the Eastern world anticipated many questions of the philosophical and political movement of Eurasianism, which regarded Russia as the synthesis of Europe and Asia.


freedom; slavery; East; Astrakhan; truth; religion

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Language. cognition. culture

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