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Research of content of emotional part of behavior styles of family interpersonal conflict interaction in Russia


The results of socio-psychological research of emotional part of behavior styles of family interpersonal conflicts in Center of health, which is characterized by the features of dynamics, specificity of realized functions and diversity of form display of conflict interaction of spouses, are presented. For the characteristics of structure and boards of conflict the notion of the boards of conflict family situation is introduced and its properties as fragment of life process, in the given case is family, is considered. It is stated that life process is a form of existing of life system in space and time. The life process is nonuniform; it reflects the discrete character of social movement including in it many stages with limited date and place of existence. In the general flow of life process several different conflict situations even non-related to each other can together exist. On the base of the received data it is concluded about the inability of the family in modern Russia to provide each spouse a high degree of satisfaction with marriage and relationships between them.


emotional part of behavior styles of spouses; interpersonal conflict interaction in family; level of satisfaction by family relations

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Section of issue

Applied researches in socio-humanitarian sphere

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