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Internal branding as element of corporate social responsibility at industrial enterprise


The formation of an internal brand for industrial enterprise, which is important in recent years in light of the application of the state policy to domestic sources of growth of domestic production is considered. The purpose of the study was to detect factors and reference points for internal branding. The main methods of the research were a comparative analysis, historical retrospective and monitoring. Largely comparative analysis reinforces the successful experience of the Bratsk aluminum plant. It is formulated that only measures internal branding can create a loyalty to the team, which is becoming a strong foundation to spread and work with the general, inspirational idea. The assumption that an efficient production system of the enterprise can be build on the basis of brand identity, personal brand manager, brand manufactured products or town where the business operates, the brand of the company, is formulated. It is proved that creating complex programs internal branding can impart constructive associative lines, which are then given the right policies may be converted into loyalty team brand.


internal branding; brand loyalty; corporate social responsibility; production system; enterprise

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