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Influence of 5-week cycle of preparation on development of general and special endurance of football players


The influence of a five-week cycle of preparation for the development of general and special endurance of young football players, which is the time interval between the classes resumption beginning in the annual cycle until the first official planned contest. The attention is drawn to the fact that the period of training work is more laborious compared with other periods and, accordingly, the maximum productive. The studies were conducted using procedures fixing change indicators of the physical state of football players during the experiment and implementation of the program developed by us for 35 days with a load of 48 hours of training and the use of intermittent of power method. The results processing of researches led to the conclusion that the implementation of a five-week training cycle on the proposed program was accompanied by significant increase in the tests results. This program contributes to the improvement, rehabilitation and development of general and special endurance, increase of level of working capacity of players, which in turn creates a strong foundation for the performance of a large amount of specialized work.


preparation period; physical training; football; young footballer; endurance

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