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Some features of philosophy of religion of I. Ilyin


I. Ilyin became one of the brightest representatives of “philosophical renaissance” epoch and belongs to the outstanding Russian philosophers of 19–20th centuries. Religious philosophy of I. Ilyin and his socio-political activity require today is reckless apologetics, but require the wearer, especially purely scientific nature of the study. In his philosophy of religion I. Ilyin did not avoid the strong influence of Western philosophers. Philosophical concept of “evidence” of I. Ilyin, which had an undeniable influence of German classical philosophy, is known. Intuitive act, the same “experience evidence”, according to the philosopher, is the basis of all other forms of human mental activity: scientific knowledge, art, and morality. The main feature of religious worldview of I. Ilyin was a religious integrity. Ilyin was absolutely sure in a special, dis-tinctive way of Russia. The main feature of Russian soul, open to the Christian faith, believes that I. Ilyin heartfelt contem-plation. The value of orthodoxy I. Ilyin criticism of Catholicism is considered. Religious concept of “heart of contemplation” and “spiritual evidence” of I.A. Ilyin, in which the philosopher speaks of “love and contemplative penetration force”, “light of the evidence”, “beholding empathy”, “instinctive spirituality”, his idea that “man shall his earthly journey from birth to death in a deep and inescapable alone”, forced to assume proximity religious ideas of the philosopher flow quietism. Noting the need for theological analysis Orthodox dogmatic religious philosophy of I. Ilyin, given the increasing popularity of his work, which exists at the present time critic of religious philosophy of I. Ilyin by Orthodox theology, is then reduced to the following: I. Ilyin oriented to the West, primarily based on the German classical philosophy, does not recognize the fallenness of human nature says enough about catholicity of the church, based on personal religious experience, not in his writings pays due attention to the postulate of the Trinity, and apocalyptic demonology; like Jews and ecumenism, due to the nature of birth and upbringing does not reject Protestantism.


I. Ilyin; religious philosophy; Orthodoxy; German classical philosophy; theology; patristic literature

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Questions of theory and methodology

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