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Training forms of teaching in raise of social status of region’s librarians


The experience of the use of training forms of teaching to improve the skills of librarians of Tambov region is considered. During the period from 2007 to 2013 through a system of short-term training, organized by the department of library and information resources, more than 200 librarians of Tambov region were through. Subjects and training program for 6 years are analyzed. Forms and methods of teaching as well as factors of the organization and conduct effective training are identified. The forms and methods of tracking of post-training support made by the teachers of the department of library and information resources are presented. It is concluded that the experience of training allows us to consider this form of learning platform of creative growth librarians of Tambov region as well as an important factor in improving the social status of librarians in the region. The training forms of teaching create the conditions for self-realization, professional and career growth, higher professional officer of the social status of librarians.


training forms of teaching; social status of librarian; training; library profession

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1. Neverova T.A. Aktivnye metody obucheniya v povyshenii kvalifikatsii bibliotekarey Tambovskogo regiona // Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskie yavleniya i protsessy. Tambov, 2011. № 12. S. 251-255. 2. Neverova T.A., Shatalova N.V. Trening-seminar sostoyalsya: chto dal'she? // Mir bibliografii. 2007. № 5. S. 28-30.



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Experience of organization of modern education

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