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Potential of volunteerism in education of youth civic engagement


The volunteer movement as common form of social activity of young people is considered. It is noted that the voluntary, initiative, flexibility – the most important qualities a volunteer and that they are a kind of link between the volunteer and the community. The concept of civic engagement is formulated, which refers to the integrative quality of the person, which is necessary for full inclusion in community life and socio-political processes, to perform their civic duty and civic commitments, the entire spectrum of functions of civic participation, both at the level of state institutions, and in the activities of public associations and organizations. The notion of “citizenship”, “citizenship”, “volunteering” and others is considered. Formulation of the process of formation of civic engagement of young people, which is a process of learning the rules and regulations generally, accepted relationship between the individual and society is given. The development of the volunteer movement in Russia in the historical perspective, as well as the conditions of formation of justified civic engagement of young people in volunteering is disclosed.


volunteerism; youth; civil engagement

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37.02; 371




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Problems of youth’s socialization in modern world

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