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Trends and problems of establishment of system of psychosocial services to families with children in Russian regions


The major trends and topical issues of modernization of the practice of social work with families and children in difficult life situation in the Russian Federation are identified. Based on the results of sociological analysis of the implementation of the programmes aimed at improving the situation of children in 48 subjects of the RF sets forth the key principles for improving the efficiency of the regional system for the prevention of family ill-being and social orphanhood are formulated. The experience of the implementation of innovative social services contributing to the decline of family ill-being is analyzed on the basis of which the classification of the basic kinds is developed. Basic tendencies of formation and development of psychosocial assistance to families with children are presented: modernization of traditional national model of social protection, family and children in the regions of Russia; expansion of infrastructure and availability of social services aimed at preventing the loss of minors parental care; actualization of prevention in the practice of social services in regions of the Russian Federation; the transformation of the paradigm of assisting the family in a difficult situation – the transition from the paternalistic model of social assistance to strengthen the self-actualization of potential and orientation on social services, adequate to the needs and current situation of the recipient of the assistance (of the family). On the base of the analysis of documents of the Executive bodies of regions of the Russian Federation the problems of the new stage of modernization of social work with the family in difficult life situations are up to date. Main of them are the quality of the process of institutionalization of directions and forms of innovative social activities that make up the space prevention of family ill-being and the prevention of social orphanhood; lack of conditions for the creation of a continuous process of psychosocial care “crisis” in the family, in connection with this is the need to strengthen interagency coordination formal subjects of prevention.


family disadvantages; loss of parental care; ineffective parenting; family-oriented social support; family crisis

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Applied researches in socio-humanitarian sphere

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