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Culture of parliamentarism of population of Tambov: experience of political and sociological research


One of the first attempts in the domestic political science not only theoretically substantiate the notion of “culture of parliamentarism”, but also on empirical data to explore the culture of parliamentarism residents of Tambov is made. Based on an application of political and sociological research the author tries to figure out how the values of democracy and parliamentarism rooted in the mass consciousness of provincial Russian city. The public perception of the Federation Council and the State Duma is a mixed reaction from the public, as citizens are poorly informed not only about the activities of both chambers of the Federal Assembly, but very little is known about the work of parliamentarians representing the Tambov region in the highest legislative body of the country. The respondents are insufficiently informed about the activities of Tambov Regional Duma and City Council. However, the greatest positive assessment can be seen in relation to the regional parliament compared with the municipal representative bodies. The study shows: the value of parliamentarism is not yet fully entrenched in the mass consciousness of the inhabitants of the province. The culture of parliamentarianism population of Tambov has not been finally formed and its development is possible only through political education, better assimilation of democratic values and traditions.


culture of parliamentarism; parliamentary culture; value of parliamentarism; elections; electoral behavior; Federation Council and State Duma of Federal Assembly of Russian Federation; Tambov Regional Duma; Tambov City Duma.

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Modern russian policy

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