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Interaction of Morocco and France in two-side and multi-side formats (second half of second half 20th – beginning of 21st century)


The relationship of France and Morocco in the context of political, economic, military, cultural, linguistic and migratory interactions in the second half 20th – beginning of 21st century is examined. It is emphasized that the Moroccan-French relations in the period under review are defined as relatively stable; largely thanks to the cultural and civilizational factor that has a positive impact on bilateral and multilateral cooperation. On the one hand, the main factors of mutual influence exerted by Morocco and France on each other, analyzes the impact of the European civilization and Western culture on Morocco, as well as, on the other hand, the influence of Morocco and other Maghreb countries on the French society, its politics, economy, security, culture, religion, especially actualized in connection with mass migration to France from North Africa, are identified. The multilateral format of the Moroccan-French relations within the Francophonie and the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership is considered. It is stated that Morocco binds its economic and political aspirations, first and foremost, with continental Europe. The official Moroccan authorities consider France as one of its key partners and allies.


Morocco; France; Maghreb; the European Union; cooperation; migration; Francophonie; Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

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Development of modern society and problems of globalization

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