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Vasily Aleksandrovich Sukhomlinsky's Pedagogical System. To the 100th Anniversary Since Birth


The author devoted the article to Vasily Aleksandrovich Sukhomlinsky's rich pedagogical heritage which finds relevance in the conditions of education crisis. The author paid special attention to studying of joint creative activity at the heart of which there was a personal and valuable approach to education developed by V. A. Sukhomlinsky in the conditions of rural school.


V. A. Sukhomlinsky, pedagogical experience, personal and valuable approach to education, personal and aloof approach to education, humanistic concept, pedagogical creativity

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1. Knyazev E. А. Istoriya otechestvennoj pedagogiki i obrazovaniya [History of domestic pedagogics and education]. M., 2018. 2. Sukhomlinskij V. А. Serdtse otdayu detyam [I give heart to children]. M., 2016. 3. Sukhomlinskij V. А. Izbrannye proizvede-niya: v 5 t. [Chosen works: in 5 vol.] Kiev, 1979-1980. 4. Sukhomlinskij V. А. Roditel'skaya pedagogika [Parental pedagogics]. SPb., 2017. 5. Sukhomlinskij V. А. Kak vospitat' nastoyashchego cheloveka [How to bring up the real person]. M., 2003. 6. Rubinshtejn S. L. Printsip tvorcheskoj samodeyatel'nosti. K filosofskim osnovam sovremennoj pedagogiki [Principle of creative amateur performance. To philosophical fundamentals of modern pedagogics] // Voprosy psikhologii. 1986. № 4. S. 101-107.

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From past to present

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