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Criteria for assessing the social experience of pre-school students in inclusive groups


We developed and justified the criterion basis for assessing the formation of social experience of pre-school children. We took the four-component structure of the child's social experience as the basis for the proposed criterion system. We described the essence of components of social experience of preschool children: motivational, cognitive, behavioral and emotional and, based on this essence, identifies criteria for each of them: social needs, social knowledge, socially significant activities and emotional stability. We identified three observable indicators for each of the proposed criteria. One of the three indicators of each of the criteria describes the scope of the relationship of pre-school children with peers with limited health opportunities, which is necessary in the context of looking at children studying in inclusive groups. We presented the final criterion system used to diagnose the formation of social experience of pre-school children, with qualitative and quantitative assessment of the levels of formation of each of the indicators, in the form of a generalized scheme


social experience of preschool children; components of social experience; preschool children in inclusive groups; criteria and indicators of social experience; diagnostics; assessment

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Theory and methodology: problems and tendencies

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