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Project activities as means of forming students’ research skills


We carried out the analysis of the possibilities of project activity, which is considered as a method of development training, which contributes to the formation of students' independent research skills. We highlighted features of project activity of students and shew its relationship with groups of research skills: information, operational, design and communication skills. We presented a description of the main stages of the project and their relationship with groups of research skills. On the basis of the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education we defined the main competencies to be held by a graduate of the Bachelor's Degree in the Direction of Education 44.03.01 – Pedagogical Education. We justified that these competencies, formed in the process of project activity, do not only contribute to the development of capacity for self-organization and self-realization, but also to the active formation of research skills. We described the main ways of realization of project activity as a means of development of students' research skills on the basis of Derzhavin Tambov State University: within the framework of the direction of training and within the framework of joint activities with students of other directions of education.


students; research abilities; structure of research abilities; design activity; project stages; competences

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Kindergarten, school, higher education institution

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