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Independent work as a form of increasing student cognitive activity


We presented experience of using independent work of students in preparation for seminar classes of psycho-pedagogical cycle. We justified the necessity of using variable forms and methods of organization of independent work affecting the degree of development of cognitive and creative activity of students. We considered specific topics of classes in the course “Pedagogy and Psychology” and “Management in Education”, indicating topics of problematic reports, discussion reports and reports. We paid special attention to the use of active forms of independent work, which influence is not only intellectual, but first of all, the moral sphere of formation of the personality of the future graduate of the university. We allocated stages in development of independence and activity of students: emergence of a problem for the decision → formulation of the question, its breakdown on subquestions → mobilization of the available knowledge, abilities, skills, personal experience in disclosure of the question posed → special observations, creative activity, generalization and registration of the received results obtained yielded → check, their confirmation or a denial.


student; informative activity; independent work; seminar occupations; variable tasks

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1. Makarova L.N. Vzaimodejstviye prepodavatelej i studentov vuza i rezul'tativnost' obrazovatel'noj deyatel'nosti [Interaction of teachers and students of the university and performance of educational activities]. Vestnik Tambovskogo universiteta. Seriya: Gumanitarnye nauki. – Tambov University Review. Series: Humanities. 2019, vol. 24, no. 178, pp. 7-12. (In Russian). 2. Malinovskij А.V. Osobennosti formirovaniya liderskoj pozitsii pedagoga-vospitatelya [Peculiarities of Formation of Leadership Position of Teacher-Pedagogue]. Minsk: АPO Publ., 2005, 65 p. (In Russian). 3. Karakovskij V.А. Stat' chelovekom. Obshchechelovecheskiye tsennosti – osnova organizatsii uchebno-vospitatel'nogo protsessa [To Become the Person. Universal Values are the Basis of the Organization of the Educational Process]. Moscow: Creative pedagogics Publ., 1993, 80 p. (In Russian).



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