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Features of the influence of the family on the socialization of modern adolescents


The changes that occur in the world, in the country, in the family determine the upbringing of modern adolescents. For us, understanding and studying these changes, understanding the impact of the family on the development of the child, is quite relevant. We considered the peculiarities of the influence of a two- and single-parent family on the socialization of modern adolescents. We made empirical study on 40 people (14–16 years old), using diagnostic tools: the “My Family” socialization questionnaire (authors L.A. Golovey, E.F. Rybalko); diagnostics of communicative and organizational tendencies (COT-2) (authors V.V. Sinyavsky, B.A. Fedorishin.); Spielberger anxiety test (adaptation by Yu. Hanin); test “Meaningful orientations” (MO technique) by D.A. Leontiev; technique “Ability to self-government” (ASG test) by N.M. Peisakhov; individual typological questionnaire L.N. Sobchik (ITQ). Correlation and factor analyses made it possible to identify the features of socialization, to determine the changes that occur with adolescents in different social environments. We established that there are differences in the socialization of adolescents raised in two- and single-parent families. The practical-oriented aspect of the studied problem can be implemented as part of counselling by psychologists, social teachers and other specialists.


social environment; socialization; teenagers; psychological features; two- and single-parent family

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Kindergarten, school, higher education institution

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