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Aesthetic education program of high school students in the process of extra-time activity


We considered current issues of aesthetic education formation for high school students taking into account possibilities of extra-time activity. One of the forms of aesthetic education of high school students is the club activity implementing the author's educational and educational program “My Creative Start-Up”. The peculiarity of this program is the integration of knowledge and skills in the visual arts and business strategies, which leads to the future specialist formation with non-standard creative thinking; this specialist is able to use the art developing potential to improve professional activities. We described the purpose and objectives of the author's program, the structure and content of each lecture and practical lesson. We justified the prospects for expansion and transformation of the proposed program using new forms of training and variable practical exercises: thematic excursions to art galleries, museums, artists' workshops; visits to city art schools to immerse students in the creative atmosphere of these schools; discussions with artists to understand different points of view on modern art and realize its potential in future professional activities. We also considered a set of skills affecting the formation of high school students as future specialists formed by them in the process of working on this extra-time program and highlighted mandatory conditions for its implementation.


aesthetic education; extra-time activities; high school students; aesthetic education; fine arts; club program; professional orientation

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Kindergarten, school, higher education institution

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