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Multifunctional control system in the quality management of training of cadets


We presented the substantiation of the system of multifunctional control of the quality of training of cadets of the military educational organization of higher education based on the interpretation of the concepts of “control”, “control functions”, “quality of training”, the advantage of which is the possibility of combining the efforts of various subjects to ensure a holistic view of the level of training results of the future specialist. At the same time, the effectiveness of the training management process is determined not so much by fixed educational results, but rather by an analysis of the reasons for their discrepancy with the task of training and the search for reserves for improving the efficiency of educational activities and the quality of knowledge of cadets. The analysis of the structure of multifunctional quality control of training made it possible to determine one of the directions - the accompanying one, which, using the control of pedagogical interaction of participants in the educational process, contributes to both the timely adjustment of management decisions and the improvement of student training results. Management support is significant in creating conditions for optimizing the educational process in the military educational organization of higher education, characterized by a strict temporary regulation of the activities of cadets, the structural component of which is self-training, which affects the success of achieving educational results. To determine the influence of the commander's management support on the result of training cadets in the process of self-training, a mathematical model was developed as a diagnostic tool, which allows you to quickly establish feedback in the management support system, the algorithm which we proposed in the study.


quality of training; control; cadet; mathematical model of learning quality assessment; polyfunctional control

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Management: strategy and tactics

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