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Formation of information culture of the future teacher in the practice of studying professional disciplines at the university


The relevance of the problem of forming an information culture of the individual is due to the creation of a new information educational space, the use of global network technologies at all levels of study, which implies the formation of the ability of modern students to develop in a modern educational environment, to use information and computer technologies. It is important to include in the training of specialists in the university technologies that form the information culture of the individual, develop the awareness and readiness of students to use information technologies in the process of mastering the profession. The purpose of the work is to justify the relevance of the formation of an information culture in the professional training of a future primary school teacher. We presented components of the teacher's information culture, justified our position in the organization of the process of forming components of the future teacher's information culture. It illustrates the use of a professionally oriented method of organizing the activities of students, aimed at the use of information technologies when future teachers master mathematical and methodological content in order to form components of information culture.


information culture; training; primary teacher; professional disciplines

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1. Kuznetsova M.А. Formirovaniye informatsionnoj kul'tury u studentov vuza v protsesse obucheniya: avtoref. dis. … kand. ped. nauk [Formation of Information Culture Among University Students During Training. Cand. ped. sci. diss. abstr.]. Cheboksary, 2009, 22 p. (In Russian). 2. Sergeeva L.А. Obucheniye studentov strategiyam smyslovogo analiza teksta [Teaching students strategies for semantic text analysis]. Nachal'naya shkola. – Elementary School. 2018, no. 9, pp. 56-60. (In Russian). 3. Stojlova L.P. Matematika [Mathematics]. Moscow: Аcademy, 2002, 424 p. (In Russian).



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Educational technologies

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