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Aspects of university digitalization using 1C technologies


Currently, digitalization is an important task for any large organization. Digitalization is also important for universities activities. The current state of digitalization of Derzhavin Tambov State University, the main advantages of implementing an integrated automation system on the 1C: Enterprise platform are considered: the use of a single platform and development language; end-to-end data movement within one system; availability of regular updates; docking with federal information systems. We describe the use of a number of software products. “1C: PROF. University” allows to automate the accounting, storage, processing and analysis of information about the main processes of a higher educational institution: admission to a university, tuition, tuition and graduation, calculation and distribution of the workload of the teaching staff, etc. “1C: Document management of a state institution” helps to minimize paper document management; reduce the risk of document loss; structuring documentation according to the approved nomenclature, etc. “1C: Automated scheduling. University” allows to systematize the scheduling process; productively use the classroom fund; monitor the workload of teachers, etc. “1C: ITIL. Enterprise information technology management” at the university helps in obtaining more complete and accurate information; creating a different entry point for applications from users; increasing the speed of processing applications, etc. We consider issues at the initial stage of implementation and ways to solve them.


digitalization of the university; 1C software products; university resource management; information infrastructure

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1. Moiseev P.S., Yakunina I.N. Tsifrovizatsiya deyatel'nosti universiteta kak strategicheskoe napravle-nie razvitiya sovremennogo vuza [Digitalization of university activities as a strategic direction for the development of a modern university]. Tsifrovye tekhnologii v ekonomicheskoy sfere: vozmozhnosti i perspektivy [Digial Technologies in Economics: Opportunities and Prospects]. Tambov, “Derzhavinskiy” Publ. House, 2017, pp. 149-155. (In Russian). 2. Afanasev V.V., Afanaseva I.V., Kunitsyna S.M., Nechaev M.P. Poisk kontseptual'nykh podkhodov k tsifrovizatsii upravleniya universitetom: obobshchenie rossiyskogo i zarubezhnogo opyta [Search for conceptual approaches to digitalization of university management: a synthesis of Russian and foreign experience]. Gumanitarnye nauki i obrazovanie – The Humanities and Education, 2020, vol. 11, no. 3 (43), pp. 7-13. (In Russian). 3. Cherkasova T.A., Kopytova N.E. Razrabotka obrazovatel'noy programmy vysshego obrazovaniya na baze 1S: Universitet PROF [Development of educational higher education programs on the "1C: University Prof" base]. Psikhologo-pedagogicheskiy zhurnal «Gaudeamus» – Psychological-Pedagogical Journal “Gaudeamus”, 2019, vol. 18, no. 4 (42), pp. 27-33. (In Russian). DOI 10.20310/1810-231X-2019-18-4(42)-27-33.



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Management: strategy and tactics

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