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Methods expertise for development and implementation of course “Social and Psychological Lecturer’s Adaptation in Professional Activity (for People with Disabilities)”


The course “Social and Psychological Lecturer’s Adaptation in Professional Activity (for People with Disabilities)” is relevant and expedient for university students. There is a constantly growing interest in the issues of people with disabilities and their professional activities, inclusive education in modern society. We consider the purpose, objectives of the discipline, competencies and indicators that should be formed as a result of mastering the course. The discipline allows students to deepen their knowledge on issues of social and psychological adaptation in the field of professional lecturer activity, to pay attention to the activities of specialists with disabilities, to gain skills for the upcoming professional activity. The special significance in the selection of the course content and the role of practical classes are emphasized. Among the forms of independent work, it is preferable to maintain a dictionary of terms, abstracts, preparation of reports, etc. In course development, it is necessary to rely on the goals and objectives of the discipline associated with today's needs. It is recommended to select the content of the material taking into account principles of science, the connection of theory and practice, age and individual characteristics of the students. Planning of classes on the course is possible with interdisciplinary connections with such sciences as sociology, psychology, pedagogy, special psychology and correctional pedagogy.


social and psychological adaptation; inclusive education; guidelines; elective course development; professional activity; lecturers’ adapaion; disability; people with disabilities

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Kindergarten, school, higher education institution

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