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Origin of higher education: a personal-value paradigm


The development of the personal-value paradigm in the Russian higher education during reforms and counter-reforms is considered. The role of the scientific community in the process of developing and implementing a personal-value concept is revealed. Special attention is paid to the organization of the personalistic educational process in autonomous universities. According to the author, the personality-value model of higher education is the most effective in the humanitarian higher education. The personalist axiology of education determined the goals, forms and methods and ways of learning scientific truth, with the active involvement of students in the process of research work, which contributes to the development of their creative personalities. Constant updating of the didactic complex: goals, content, forms and methods of teaching implies the need to build an educational process adequate to the advanced level of achievements in the evolution of science. Society as a customer forms a university focused on obtaining the socio-cultural skills necessary for the progress of science and education. The personality-alienated model levels the axiology of science and higher education and focuses on the criteria of usefulness and competence, which significantly reduces the level of qualification of graduates. There is a conflict of ambitendent innovation processes: the personality-alienated model leads to an authoritarian trend in education, while at the same time, the super-valuable technologization of the educational process aimed at the formation of narrow specialists is carried out in higher education.


personality-value model of higher education; university autonomy; evolution of higher education; personalist-axiological approach; personality-alienated education; learning model; humanistic direction

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