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Features of educational and professional activities of future social workers in legal competence formation


We consider the features of the educational and professional activities of future social workers in the legal competence formation. The components of legal competence are analyzed: motivational-value, cognitive, communicative and activity-reflexive. The formation of these components takes place through the involvement of future social workers at all levels of professional education in social and legal activities by creating pedagogical conditions: the formation of a value attitude to the legal aspects of professional activity among future social workers; purposeful and active self-knowledge of the student, mastering the legal aspects of professional activity by solving different levels of complexity of educational and professional tasks; acquaintance of future social workers with the professional community through internships in institutions, the implementation of volunteer activities on the basis of various organizations, participation in scientific conferences, seminars, round tables, etc.; orientation of students to active legal education and reflection. Considering the stages of student personal development (stage of holistic personal development, stage of specialized personal development, stage of strengthening professional preparedness) in the university continuing legal education of future social workers is necessary. All types of activities at each of the stages of personal development of the introduction of legal education and upbringing are necessary.


legal competence; component of legal competence; future social worker; educational and professional activity; legal education

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Kindergarten, school, higher education institution

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