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Social and psychological determinants of interest in psychology among young people


Abstract. The empirical study aims at studying the preferences of young people in various fields of psychology, determining their degree of interest in certain types and forms of psychological knowledge, as well as identifying the main external and internal determinants of interest in psychology among young people. The majority of respondents consider psychology as the science of the psyche, mental processes and thinking. The most interesting area of psychology for them is personality psychology and the less preferred is advertising psychology. Psychology attracts as it is not static but actively developing, often discussed in the media, the number of people with mental disabilities of young age has increased, and psychology is also in demand on a practical level. Psychology allows respondents to understand first of all the people around them and themselves. At the same time, the results of the study show that most of the respondents have an average level of reflexivity, which indicates their moderate conversion of consciousness to themselves and a moderate level of reflection on their mental state. Most of the subjects have a general average level of self-regulation of behavior. At the same time, most of the subjects have a personality orientation towards themselves, with the predominance of motives for their own well-being, striving for personal primacy, prestige, which does not correspond to the nature of practical psychology, where the priority remains for relationships between people. The main values for them are independence and security, the last thing they would like is to follow traditions, including psychological.


psychology; interest; fields of psychology; research; determinants of interest in psychology; youth

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Kindergarten, school, higher education institution

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