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Factor analysis of functioning and development of higher education market in the Orel Region


Higher education market is currently dynamically developing under the influence of the processes of digitalization, globalization, as well as the formation of an innovative economy. But this development is actively hindered by a number of deep structural problems that have worsened during the economic and demographic crises. Regional universities face a serious challenge in the form of a steady decline in the number of students, as well as the ongoing state policy of optimization. The modern higher education market does not have time to adapt to the requirements of the labor market, which causes a personnel imbalance. This has determined the relevance of the research, which purpose is to determine the factors of development of the higher education market. The study on issue in the Orel Region demonstrates that such factors as the population size, age groups distribution, income level of the population, the regulatory and legal provision of higher education, the level of employment and migration processes in the region have a significant impact on the demand and consumption of educational services, as well as the number of university students. The conducted research has shown that in the Orel Region there is no qualitatively established connection between the regional labor market and the higher education market, which leads to a shortage of certain personnel in the region and, as a result, to an imbalance in the labor market. The revealed negative trends indicate the need for regional universities to mobilize internal forces aimed at activating the strategy of attracting applicants. To attract the maximum number of applicants, the marketing strategy should focus mainly on the positioning of the university in all media. Conducting professional tests at the faculties will attract talented high school graduates to the university. The inflow of additional funds to regional funds can ensure the introduction of a system of a lesser qualification in the course of training and the creation of endowment funds. These measures can be considered as a system of anti-crisis measures aimed at developing the market of educational services in the field of higher education.


higher education market; educational service; marketing strategy; endowment fund; lesser qualification; professional test

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Management: strategy and tactics

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