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Self-design in development of future specialist’s readiness for professional growth


The exclusive role of self-design enables life and professional planning in adolescence. The basis of the qualitative preparation of a future specialist for professional activity is a set of special tools and methods integrated into the system of formation of a person’s readiness to carry out professional development processes. Self-designing is a kind of self-education and self-realization program that has goals and contains a description of the means to achieve them. This allows to actively and consciously build a professional perspective career. The process of self-designing in relation to the construction of professional prospects is a circular sequence of interrelated stages. Among named components of the readiness for successful professional activity, there are theoretical readiness, psychological readiness, practical readiness. The readiness of the individual for self-improvement is fundamental for a professional career and further professional growth. We analyze results of self-design influence on the formation of students’ readiness for professional growth. The analysis present that the purposeful, systematic inclusion of students in self-design activities provides the practical experience and skills required to build professional prospects. It is concluded that self-design enables the individual to systematically carry out his life activity and is one of the components of the future specialist's readiness for professional growth.


self-design; readiness; professional growth; self-development

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Kindergarten, school, higher education institution

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