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Psychological support by means of art therapy for parents of children with special needs


The issue of psychological support for parents of children with disabilities is quite acute, but the development of this area is slow both in Russia and abroad. Many specialists often ignore the severe psychoemotional state of parents of disabled children. The need of this topic to attract more attention is the social aspect of the study. The research is practice-oriented. The purpose of the work is to describe the experience of participation of one of the parents raising a child with special needs in the work of an art therapy studio (short-term art therapy format). The psychological work is based on the methods of art-therapeutic assistance in overcoming the consequences of traumatic stress by A.I. Kopytin, work with metaphorical associative maps and a set of materials for working with the internal state of “TeloProjector” (author A.M. Simonenko). All stages of the short-term format of the art therapy studio have been completed. During and after psychological and educational work parents noted positive changes in their mental state. The regular psychological support for this category of citizens, in particular by means of art therapy, is necessary.


psychological support; psychological work; special parenting; art therapy; metaphorical associative maps; children with developmental disorders

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