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Responsibility formation in structure of reliability among students – future employees of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia


We consider the current issue of responsibility formation in the structure of personal reliability as a personal quality of students – future employees of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia. The “responsibility” is considered as a necessary component of personal reliability, which underlies the professionally important and personal qualities of an employee of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia. In modern social and economic conditions, when society’s need for reliable specialists increases, the issue of responsibility formation remains highly relevant. Russian society is achieving ever higher achievements in the fields of technology, information, production, etc., which ensure labor efficiency and simplify the lives of citizens. However, at the same time, human factor risks increases. The article discusses in detail the research on the problem of responsibility formation in the structure of personal reliability of law enforcement specialists in the works of domestic and foreign scientists. The close connection between the success of the future specialist and his reliability is revealed. A qualitative solution to the problem of psychological support in the formation of responsibility allows to effectively carry out the necessary measures for the assessment and training of students. The main goal facing a modern specialist is to properly perform the duties assigned to him, to be reliable, therefore, the development and construction of an optimal process for the formation of responsibility is a strategic task of psychology. The formation of responsibility as a personal quality of students – future employees of EMERCOM of Russia is an important stage in their development as professionals who show the necessary activity, are able to effectively apply their knowledge and skills in the profession, as well as improve the level of both professional and social competencies.


reliability; responsibility; students; future employees; psychological training

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