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In the article the author considered the psychological content of work of the Russian philosopher and psychologist Alexander Ivanovich Galich «A picture of the person», experience of preceptive reading about self-knowledge subjects for all educated estates. «The picture of the person» represents systematization of the knowledge of the person accumulated by natural and philosophical sciences. At a boundary of XVIII-XIX centuries A. I. Galich anticipated the main ideas of domestic psychology which became key in the XX century and didn't lose the value so far. A. I. Galich defined key idea of domestic psychology which later M. Ya. Basov, L. S. Vygotsky, S. L. Rubenstein, A. N. Leontyev and other researchers developed. Galich postulated complete nature of understanding of essence of the person. He wrote that the person finds himself, the human essence in development and activity. He considered aspiration to harmony, to self-development an internal need of the person. In unfairly forgotten work A. I. Galich affected ideas of unity and conflict of opposites as the reason of development, the dialectician external and internal in human nature, the reasons of activity of mentality, idea about activity as the main manifestation of human essence, the consciousness problem, a problem of requirements and other questions which were developed later in domestic and western psychology and still didn't lose the value.


Russian philosopher and psychologist of XVIII-XIX of centuries; Alexander Ivanovich Galich; history of domestic psychology

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