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The purpose of this article is identification and the analysis of prerequisites of methodological dualism in economic behavior of the person on providing its economic security at the regional and municipal level in the Russian Federation. The methodological basis of research is an integrated approach to development of the theoretical and practical directions and recommendations about improvement of tools of management and development of system of economic security of the consumer, both on individual, and at the national level. Absence of close attention to prerequisites and reasons of economic security of the consumer caused the crisis state of economy of Russia, and at the same time it and a unique and evolutionary step for formation of a new paradigm of development of the economic relations in formation of the concept of economic security of economic development of the consumer. In article author revealed conditions of protection of spiritual and material interests of the consumer as persons, from positions of endogenous characteristics of the individual on the basis of dualistic approach in economic security of the consumer. And author revealed the interrelation of economic security of the consumer with the social and economic nature and the environment of national economic security of the constant or temporary place of residence of the consumer from positions of exogenous characteristics. Application of a structurally functional method in the analysis allowed to offer the dualistic scheme of «system of economic security of the consumer». Methods of descriptive statistics allowed to create quantitative data on the declared problems and to present them in tables. As conclusions the author offered a complex of directions of improvement of economic security of consumers which will allow in due time and is adaptive to carry out modernization of regional and municipal economic space. Regional and municipal authorities can use conclusions at drawing up strategic programs of regional development and formation of organizational structures in system of regional and municipal government by economic security. Separate provisions of article and some conclusions are also applicable at forming articles and laws of the regional legislative sphere.


economic security of consumer; need for economic security; system of economic security of consumers; organizational and economic relations on providing economic security

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