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The purpose of this article is identification and leveling of the environmental problems influencing economic security of the person in the municipal sphere at the regional and municipal level in the Russian Federation. The methodological basis of research is an integrated approach to development of the theoretical directions and practical recommendations about improvement of the ecologic-economic relations in the municipal sphere at the national level. The municipal sphere constantly has negative influence and different types of ecological dangers and risks and thereof economic threats that does actual search of effective decisions for leveling of negative tendencies, threats in the most important segment of human life. In article authors revealed prerequisites and conditions of its protection on the basis of empirical approach in economic security of an ecological condition of the person. Development of practical measures and recommendations of ecological character about leveling of negative ecological impact also allowed to promote in the solution of problems of economic security of the population, to increase the level of the general safety of life support. Application of the structural analysis allowed to consider the principle of integration of an ecological component into economic and social security. Methods of descriptive statistics allowed to create quantitative data on the declared problems and to present them in tables. As conclusions authors offered a complex of directions and measures of improvement of economic security of an ecological condition of the person and functioning of the municipal sphere which will allow in due time and is adaptive to carry out modernization of regional and municipal ecological space. Theoretical conclusions can be used in the course of teaching disciplines «National economy», «Economic security», «Economy of housing and utilities infrastructure» in educational institutions, regional and municipal authorities can use practical results at drawing up strategic programs of development of territories and managements of economic security. Separate provisions of article and some conclusions are also applicable at forming articles and laws of the regional legislative sphere.


economic security of person; need for ecologic-economic security; system of economic security of municipal sphere; economic security of ecological condition of person

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